This workshop was extremely beneficial to my skills as an architect as well as my understanding about ways of drawing architecturally, conventions, styles and effect. I also realised how individuality can be portrayed through drawings as well as the character of the building or space.
This workshop has highlighted the importance of presentation and the way it influences the way in which one responds to a scheme. A strong scheme with poor presentation often does not communicate as a strong scheme, so too does a weaker scheme seem better if presented well.

Additionally, I was able to appreciate the benefit of seeing a house in person as opposed to in images. The true essence of the Rose Seidler House is difficult to convey in a photograph or drawing. Whilst I was reluctant to visit the house due to time constraints - I am very pleased with my decision to go and visit as I feel I have gained an understanding of the house which would have been otherwise unattainable.

Photographs taken at Rose Seidler House

Rose Seidler House Final Assessment

Rose Seidler House in UNSW

An exercise in scale and perspective

Light and Tone

In Class Excersise- drawing with only blocks of shading

Perspectives of UNSW